Say No to Dirty Windows in East Hampton NY with Window Cleaning Services


Commercial window cleaning services from Sparkle Window Cleaning Inc will have your property looking great in no time flat. We can do the same for your home with residential window cleaning services. We are one of the most committed window cleaning companies serving East Hampton NY. Our family owned and operated business has been providing great results in East Hampton NY and all Long Island for over 25 years.

The Commitment Counts

One of the key reasons Sparkle Window Cleaning Inc has been able to not only stay in business for over 25 years but to thrive is because our commitment to our clients is bar none. We set our standards high so that you can get the value that you hope for. We are committed to ensuring:

  • That your windows are sparkling clean
  • We use the processes that protect your property while getting rid of the dirt and grime
  • Our staff is always courteous
  • We are on every job site

We don’t leave the job until your windows are sparkling clean. The secret to the success of our window cleaning services lies in the tools that we use. We use purified water that is truly purified to laboratory standards.

Skilled Staff

We know that the success of our business relies heavily on having the staff that has the same level of commitment that we do as owners. We never trust our jobs to just anyone. All our employees are full-time, year-round employees. We do not use seasonal untrained labor, nor do we hire workers by the day. We ensure that our employees are trained to the fullest and that they are clear on how we expect they will treat our clients. Contact us to get your windows amazingly clean and just say “no” to dirty windows.